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Securac is registered with the state of Texas!


Company License: C-10783

Fire Alarm License: ACR-2313


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SECURAC Incorporated was started in the aftermath of 9-11. The company began with the application of access control systems in several Fire Department and EMS organizations in the Houston, Texas area. The company quickly grew from three employees in 2002 to as many as fourteen by the end of 2004.
SECURAC can design and implement a global alert system for a school or church or office building that, at the push of a button, or one of several buttons, will send an immediate text or email to every staff member with a cellular phone, and contact local law enforcement at the same time. The automatic lockdown and shelter-in-place systems can also release all propped-open doors and lock every doorway, activating keypad-only access through those doors.
Today, since it's establishment in 2001, the company has it's main office located in the beautiful East Texas town of Tyler, Texas, with employees residing in Dallas, Houston, and of course Tyler. This capable and agile company has specialized in the application of integrated systems including Access Control, Security, Fire Alarm, Nurse call, Wander Management, Infant Security, Intercom and CCTV. The integration of these systems means a less complicated, and a time-saving application for the end user.

Integration of these systems means the card access system turns off the security system. The Fire Alarm and Burglar Alarm systems are on the same monitoring account, reducing the number of phone numbers, account numbers, pass codes, and invoices by exactly half. The CCTV system can bring live images of the entry door to the receptionist when the intercom system is activated, and the phone/intercom system can release the access controlled entry at the push of a button...



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