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SECURAC Incorporated was started in the aftermath of 9-11. The company began with the application of access control systems in several Fire Department and EMS organizations in the Houston, Texas area. The company quickly grew from three employees in 2002 to as many as fourteen by the end of 2004.
Today, after 13 successful years, the company has it's main office located in the beautiful East Texas town of Tyler, Texas, with employees residing in Dallas, Houston, and of course Tyler. This capable and agile company has specialized in the application of integrated systems including Access Control, Security, Fire Alarm, Nurse call, Wander Management, Infant Security, Intercom and CCTV. The integration of these systems means a less complicated, and a time-saving application for the end user.
Integration of these systems means the card access system turns off the security system. The Fire Alarm and Burglar Alarm systems are on the same monitoring account, reducing the number of phone numbers, account numbers, pass codes, and invoices by exactly half. The CCTV system can bring live images of the entry door to the receptionist when the intercom system is activated, and the phone/intercom system can release the access controlled entry at the push of a button.
Other, less often used features of these low voltage systems are put into place effectively, such as remote, off-site answering of intercoms and gate stations, off-site door and gate release, off-site access card disabling, automatic security system arming, power supervision and alarm notification via text messaging and email.
This means that the user can receive a call on a cell phone from a delivery person at the gate, and 'buzz' them in remotely from anywhere the user gets cell phone coverage. The application of current cell phone technology can also give the user a live video feed of who is at the door before giving them access.
The loss or theft of a user's access control card can be negated quickly by the immediate, remote disable feature of the access control system. This not only gives the system administrator full control of each user's times and days of access to the facility, but a quick cancellation of the missing access control card saves thousands of dollars in re-keying costs, and many hours of key-redistribution time.
Being a small, experienced company is a great advantage to customers who need professional solutions in a short amount of time. It is not unusual for the company to receive a call for service, and arrive at the customer's site thirty minutes later.

All of the products used by SECURAC are readily available at most alarm equipment supply companies. There are no locked-in proprietary products that leverage the customer into long-term, increasingly expensive service contracts. It is our belief that we must earn your business every day.



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