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SECURAC Incorporated was founded in late 2001 by Lloyd Young. Lloyd's experience in the alarm business began in 1988 after completing his enlistment in the United States Air Force.
His employment in the security industry began with the late Ben Cooper, of Cooper Security. Then, after a tour of duty during Operation Desert Storm for the Air Force, and a few years as an internal theft investigator, Lloyd returned to the alarm business as his full time job.
Having been employed as a residential installer, a residential salesperson, a commercial salesperson, a sales manager, a service tech, a Fire Alarm installer/tech and finally a regional manager for industrial installations, Lloyd suddenly found himself out of a job on September 28, 2001 when the company he was working for folded in the weeks after 9-11.
This was the motivation and opportunity he needed to start his own company. Early in the following year, he began his business with installation and service of access control systems in several Fire Departments in the North Houston area, such as Klein VFD and Champions Area VFD, and at Cypress Creek EMS, where he was an active Paramedic volunteer.
Soon capturing the service contract for a major Bank in the Houston area, Lloyd found a particular niche that was soon in great demand among church congregations, both existing and those venturing out with new construction.
Lloyd designed and has implemented his unique integration of security and access control for many new churches now, in Houston and surrounding cities. This integration consists of incorporating the card access system in the disarming process when a patron or staff member enters the church.
This simple integration removes the cumbersome task of issuing and tracking codes and passwords to sometimes hundreds of church members. Basically, if your card lets you in the door, it can disarm the alarm system also.
Also incorporated in this custom designed system is the ability to allow pastors and other staff members access to the building without disarming the security system. For instance, if a pastor meets a couple for counseling in his office, the system is still on, protecting them, and also protecting the far side of the large building from forced entry and vandalism. Most security systems are on or off, but Lloyd has designed a way to integrate the two systems to meet the changing needs throughout the week.

And, as the name of this company suggests, the customers have secure access without the inconvenience of having to remember numbers, passwords, dealing with false alarms and unnecessary police responses.


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